Nexon EV – Some useful posts – Review, Journeys and Tips

I am sharing some experiences which I saw on Facebook. I hope these will help those who are planning to take Nexon EV and may help those who already own Nexon EV. These posts are easily available in Facebook with #svXPs hashtag. Now consolidated links are available as two posts. This owner covered around 50,000 kms in 14 months.

EV Journey details

Some journey experiences are shared in this link. Those who are interested in checking the average range of the vehicle as well as the usability of the vehicle for long drives can go through this post.

EV suggestions, tips and review details

The suggestions, tips and review of the owner is shared in this link. This includes

This post also covers the review of the vehicle. Those who are interested in buying a new EV (Not just Nexon EV) should go though the review post 3 to 6.

In the post which mentions about the issues found in Nexon EV, one link is provided which consolidates the problems experienced by various owners in a spreadsheet. It also provides some suggestions, future requests as well as some tips for new owners also.

Screenshot of above said spreadsheet
Screenshot of above said spreadsheet.

There are a lot of other owners who share their experiences in the following links. I hope those too will help Nexon EV Owners. Please note I haven’t gone through all these contents.

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