The Aha EV Travel Kit Saga

The story of this product also has its roots in our Jaisalmer trip… we covered 1500 kms in remote Rajasthan roads in the Nexon EV, which taught us everything how to charge the car anywhere we went. The three part series that we did captures the whole story of the evolution of the EV Travel Kit:

Part 1 of the Jaisalmer trip –

Part 2 of the Jaisalmer trip –

Part 3 of the Jaisalmer trip –

The good thing that came out of this trip was, our learnings of how to charge the car at all places, which we condensed into the “EV Travel Kit”, summarized in this video:

The kit has since helped many a traveller. If you wish to order the kit for your own peace of mind while taking your EV to untrodden roads, here is the link:

User Reviews

Charan, who runs the popular YT channel “iguru crazy”, reviewed the EV travel kit on his channel:

For any queries, user feedback etc, ask around from its many users on our Nexon EV PAN India group, or call us at 8003944400!

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Sir, your innovations are great! We are able to charge anywhere with this kit! Thank you very much for making. We can use this anywhere in small villages too! Just put the earth rod in the soil and it works like magic! Looking for new innovation from you for EVs

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