Tips and Tricks

Usually called FAQs!!!
* These are based on owners feedback; please refer to the NexonEV Official owners manual for any doubts.

Gun locked?

Telematics not working OR ZCONNECT not syncing? – Thanks Asheesh from Gurgaon

Open ZCONNECT app; run the diagnosis … and then run the parking hazards lights. before/while running these functions .. click the sync several times .. and then you would find a notification .. that the vehicle is syncing .. try it out

Still doesn’t work? try removing the connector of the telematics unit under the passenger seat, reconnect after a few minutes.

Can’t Start Charging?

Checked the handbrake? Start the car, move it a few meters ahead and reverse back to the position, and check again, usually will work.

D2N / Drive to Neutral

The most feared of all! like the Windows BSOD!!
switch off, start again
switch off, lock the car, move 30 ft away, come back, unlock the car and try now!
remove the AUX battery negative terminal (black wire) under the hood, thats why you have a 10 number spanner for this very purpose !!!

Rear Wiper – Thanks Amal from Mumbai!

A minor issue I faced was this :
The rear wiper gets activated in reverse gear in all variants. I have faced this issue twice that when the rains are very heavy..The rain water seeps in the motor at the wiper. As u can observe it has considerable gap there. At such times, the rear wiper doesn’t stop even if we change the dial to N or even D. The only solution available is to turn off the vehicle, wait a couple of minutes and restart in N or D mode. Then the wiper needs to be manually operated to get it back to its off position. Else, it again restarts in some time.

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